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Bridger & Co’s professional negligence team are experts in their field.

The definition of professional negligence is “a subset of the general rules on negligence to cover the situation in which the defendant has represented him or herself as having more than average skills and abilities”.

In basic terms, professional negligence is where a professional person (this could be a financial adviser, valuer, surveyor, accountant or solicitor) fails to perform to the standards required of them, resulting in their client suffering damage or loss. A professional person has a duty of care to their client to perform their job to a reasonable standard and with reasonable care.

Negligence occurs if the professional has not provided a reasonable level of skill and care, and the level of service or standard of work that you could reasonably expect from a professional working in those circumstances.


In recent years the number of claims against accountants, surveyors, financial advisers and solicitors has increased dramatically.

This increase in claims is due to many factors. We now rely more on the opinion of professionals, some of this work can be extremely complex, and individuals and businesses are now more aware of their legal rights and exercise them accordingly.


Our team has 20 years’ experience in advising businesses and individuals on professional negligence claims.

We understand how to achieve the best outcome in what can be difficult and sensitive situations and how to apply the pre-action protocol effectively.

When you think that you have a claim, you want to find solicitors dealing with professional negligence, who can advise on appropriate routes to resolve the dispute, ideally on a no win no fee basis. Our solicitors advise on professional negligence law on a regular basis, usually on a no win no fee basis; our team understand the pre-action protocol and how to apply it to negligence cases.


Professional Negligence Pre-Action Protocol. In July 2001 the Pre-Action Protocol came into force, it should be used in all professional negligence cases where there is no other specific protocol that applies. The Pre-Action Protocol encourages all parties to consider using alternative methods of disputes resolution by sharing information at an early stage, rather than going through full court proceedings. The protocol sets out standards which need to be followed before court proceedings are started. Please read our brief guide for further details.

We can advise on claims against:

  • Solicitors.

  • Accountants.

  • Financial Advisers.

  • Surveyors/ valuers.

  • Veterinary surgeons.

  • Other professionals such as insurance brokers, barristers and architects.

Funding your claim

This will largely depend on the facts of your case, which do of course differ from one case to another. Where appropriate, we can adopt a no-win, no-fee type arrangement where you only pay our costs if we win (and your opponent should then already have paid the lion’s share). We can also, in certain circumstances, offer conditional fees and discounted fees to offer flexibility on funding your claim.  Hand in hand with advice on funding comes advice on minimising the risks by after the event insurance; we have significant experience in obtaining appropriate cover.

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