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Whether you find yourself receiving an unexpected divorce petition or you decide that you want to leave a marriage that no longer works, you should never feel alone. Each year in England and Wales over 100,000 marriages end in divorce and everyone needs someone to guide them through this difficult time. What is important to you is most likely what is important to everyone in this position: your future, your home and most importantly your children.

The law surrounding divorce, and the financial and child arrangements necessary to bring a relationship to a close, is complex and has evolved rapidly in the past decade. Finding the right person to guide you has never been more important.

Contrary to the TV shows and soap operas, our role during this challenging time is finding you the most efficient and cost-effective means of bringing to an end what would have been a hugely significant part of your life. We want to assist you to move on with your life with as little stress and distress as can be achieved.

During your first meeting with one of our solicitors, we will explore the reasons behind the breakdown of the marriage, and we recognise that this is can be a painful and testing time. Guiding our clients through this legal and emotional journey is something that we take great pride in.

Then, in a calmer place, we will explain to you the information that will be required and the decisions that you and your spouse will need to address. In particular, this is challenging when addressing arrangements needed for any children, however, step-by-step we will help you navigate the best course for you and your family.



The welfare of your children, in any type of family law matter, will always take priority.

It is always the view of the court that it is in the child’s best interest if their parents can discuss and negotiate lasting arrangements between themselves, without the court becoming involved.

This is, however, not always possible given the intense emotional issues provoked by the breakdown of a relationship. You may find it difficult to resolve matters concerning your children. You may find it helpful to use mediation to overcome any issues and focus upon reaching an agreement.

It is only if these steps fail to reach an acceptable conclusion that the court may need to be involved.

We can assist you and guide you through applying for a number of different orders from the court should they become necessary:

  • Residence Order – to determine where your child will live. It can be shared between both parents and it will specify the times your child will spend in each household

  • Contact Order – obliges the parent with the Residence Order to facilitate contact between the child and the other parent.

  • Parental Responsibility Order – gives you the ability to make and be involved in important decisions concerning your child and/or their property.

  • Prohibited Steps Order – prevents the other parent from taking a particular action in relation to your child, such as taking them out of the country.

  • Specific Issue Order – resolves a point of dispute between you and the other parent over a particular issue, such as the school your child should attend.


The Judge will base the decision on the welfare of your child, taking into account:

  • Their wishes and feelings, in view of their age. The weight given to the views of the children will increase as they gain in emotional and physical maturity.

  • Their physical, emotional and educational needs.

  • The likely effect of any change in circumstances.

  • Their age, sex, background and any other relevant characteristic.

  • Any harm they have suffered, or are at risk of suffering.

  • How capable each parent is of meeting their needs.



Any breach of an order can lead to a fine or imprisonment; the court may even consider a change of residence if there are repeated breaches. This decision will be based on what is in the best interests of your child, and not just as a punishment to a parent. We will always try and encourage you to consider what is in the long-term best interests of your children.


We are also able to advise you upon the following issues:

  • Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements.

  • Cohabitation Agreements.

  • Civil Partnership Dissolution.

  • Domestic Violence.

  • Living Together (Cohabitee’s) Issues.

  • International & Expat Divorce.

  • Divorce & Separation.

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